Who is Nana?

Nancy Ladd

Remember the softness of your Grandma’s hands? Remember how she could just wrap those hands around your little face and make you feel so cared for and loved?

“Nana” Nancy Ladd brings that kind of caring goodness to Nana’s All Natural Foods. Nancy’s love of cooking actually began in her own Nana’s kitchen, where she was encouraged to taste, enjoy and experiment with all kinds of foods. For example, when Nana Nancy was just seven years old, she decided it might be fun to hide popcorn kernels inside her first unbaked cake – to see what happened when she put the whole thing in the oven.

As a young adult, Nana Nancy avidly explored many avenues of healthy cooking and eating – including vegetarian and macrobiotic diets. Then she put her cooking skills to work as a caterer, developing her own delicious recipes and teaching cooking classes. She felt strongly that people should know exactly what they’re eating; and that, when she created food for others, she would always keep her promise to have good health and happiness as her most important ingredients.

When Nancy became a parent herself, this passion turned into creating nourishing yet tasty meals for her family, always using healthy, quality food. She sought ways to work against the usual store-bought brands of ready-mades and mixes, since they typically rely on high sugar and salt content for flavor.

After forty years of experience and four years of product development, today you can think of Nana Nancy as your own Nana – ready to help you serve foods you love – to those you love — with ingredients you can trust.

From Nana’s home…to yours.

Whether you called her “Granny” or “Gram” or “Nonnie” or “Nana,” something made by Grandma was just that much more honest and special… and always filled with love.